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Why Pay Cash?

          The amount billed to your insurance company from an "in-network" physical therapy clinic can range from $250-$450 per hour. Physical therapy as a practice is a valuable service, but that is a very high price tag. Those numbers can be misleading because few patients or insurers actually pay that full amount. Clinics that are "in-network" have agreed to be reimbursed a reduced fee from your insurer and simply write-off the remainder.  Third-party insurers are paying less and less each year and "in-network" physical therapy costs continue to grow to offset this decline.

          Endurance Physical Therapy has set up a practice style that is more effective, minimizing the amount of weekly visits and ensuring that while you are in the clinic you are receiving necessary and valuable care. We schedule each patient for one hour, one-on-one with the same physical therapist. Most of what we do is with our hands (manual therapy) and what we teach you with specific prescriptive exercises. Our physical therapists have advanced training and over 5 years of experience. We encourage lots of questions and discussion to help you help yourself.

          Some, not all, clinics that are considered "in-network" will schedule multiple patients at the same time, see patients for 5-15 minutes each with more time spent hooked up to machines or doing exercises that could be done at home. They also may have you see different therapists each visit to accommodate a staff that is part-time, inexperienced, or overbooked to produce more volume. These are all measures that allow clinics to see more patients in less time and produce more revenue to account for the lower rate of reimbursement per visit that they accept from insurance companies by being "in-network". Please know that this is not always the case. There are good therapy clinics out there. You may be able to have good, consistent therapy from a clinic that is in your network. This is where it becomes your responsibility as a patient to recognize what is and isn't good practice. 

          If you are still thinking that the cost is too great to pay out of pocket, please feel free to give another clinic a try. If you are seeing the results that you want, then great! If not, please contact us. We want to help and we want you to have the best care possible. 

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